• Japanese tea culture

      Tea has been a favorite beverage in japanese culture ever since Buddhist monks brought it back from China in the 9th century.

      First only available for the upperclasses as shoguns and emperors, but soon widely available as the plants were imported and cultivated for the Japanese climate. For centuries only the best harvest were only available for the upperclass and the lower grades tea affordable for the lowerclasses.

      There is a lot to tell about green tea, and a lot is already written. A much less covered ground are the utensils unmistakenly connected to drinking green tea in Japan. Japanese potters are known for the high quality hand thrown teapots and cups. Special firing techniques were developed by the Japanese artists and many different styles have been developed. The goal of the website is to be a starting point to get familiar with these unique art. 

    • Bizen Teacup

      by Toho Kimura


      This bizen teacup is crafted 20 years ago by Toho Kimura.  A special glazing created the red lines. It is finely crafted and in perfect state. The paper box has the sign of Toho Kimura.


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    • Bizen teapot

      by Toho Kimura


      Toho Kimura is born in 1928 and is part of the famous Kimura family. The Kimura family is one of the six families designated as o-sakunin (honorable craftsmen) by Hideyoshi.


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    • White Shiboridashi

      with shino-like glaze


      This white shiboridashi has a shino-like glaze. I don't know where it is procuded, or who produced it. It is a finely made shiboridashi which inot used that much. The rim of the pot does not have the glave but it has not  received any coloring by green tea yet.

      There are no marks, cracks or chips.

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    • Shiboridashi

      by Hakusan

      Shiboridashi by Hakusan

      This shiboridashi is handcrafted by Hakusan Katayama lll.

      He is born in Tokoname, a region famous for its outstanding quality of pottery. Tokoname is located within Aichi prefecture.


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    • One hundred year old Hobin

      from Bizen

      100 year old Hobin from Bizen


      This is a one hundred year old Hobin style teapot from Bizen. The photo's clearly show that this teapot has been used for a long time. Both the teapot and the lid have a dull sound. Clearly a sign of wear and tear. There are no leaks and it is a pleasure to use. 


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    • Throwing a Banko teapot